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The Herwig++ Event Generator


Herwig++ is a particle physics event generator, written in C++. It is built on the experience gained with the well-known event generator HERWIG. The aim is to provide a multi purpose event generator with similar or improved capabilities (like angular ordered parton evolution and the cluster hadronization model). The ongoing development of the Fortran version has terminated and Herwig++ replaces it.

Herwig++ is based on ThePEG.

Would you like to work on a short project involving Monte Carlo event generators?

MCnet offers 3-6 month fully funded studentships for current PhD students.

See montecarlonet.org for more information!


The current version is Herwig++ 2.7.1 which can be downloaded here.


The detailed Herwig++ manual is available from arXiv:0803.0883.

Other tutorials can be found on the Herwig++ wiki pages.


Any questions or comments should be directed to herwig@projects.hepforge.org.

To receive email updates about new releases, please send a blank message to herwig-announce-join@projects.hepforge.org.

Additional Information

A small number of modules in Herwig++ use LoopTools 2.6. The required code is included in the Herwig++ tarball.

Herwig++ Talks and Publications

The old Herwig++ homepage (dated 2004-11-24).