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Plots from Rivet analyses

UA5 charged multiplicity measurements (UA5_1989_S1926373)

Spires | Z. Phys. C - Particles and Fields 43, 357-374 (1989) | doi:10.1007/BF01506531

Multiplicity distributions of charged particles produced in non-single-diffractive collisions between protons and antiprotons at centre-of-mass energies of 200 and 900 GeV. The data were recorded in the UA5 streamer chambers at the CERN collider, which was operated in a pulsed mode between the two energies. This analysis confirms the violation of KNO scaling in full phase space found by the UA5 group at an energy of 546 GeV, with similar measurements at 200 and 900 GeV.

Charged particle correlations in UA5 $p \\bar{p}$ NSD events at sqrt(s) = 200, 546 and 900 GeV. (UA5_1988_S1867512)

Spires | Z.Phys.C37:191-213,1988

Data on two-particle pseudorapidity and multiplicity correlations of charged particles for non single-diffractive $\bar{p}p$ collisions at c.m. energies of 200, 546 and 900 GeV. Pseudorapidity correlations interpreted in terms of a cluster model, which has been motivated by this and other experiments, require on average about two charged particles per cluster. The decay width of the clusters in pseudorapidity is approximately independent of multiplicity and of c.m. energy. The investigations of correlations in terms of pseudorapidity gaps confirm the picture of cluster production. The strength of forward-backward multiplicity correlations increases linearly with ins and depends strongly on position and size of the pseudorapidity gap separating the forward and backward interval. All our correlation studies can be understood in terms of a cluster model in which clusters contain on average about two charged particles, i.e. are of similar magnitude to earlier estimates from the ISR.

UA5 charged multiplicity measurements at 546 GeV (UA5_1987_S1640666)

Spires | Phys.Rept.154:247-383,1987

Charged particle multiplicity measurement.

Pseudorapidity distributions in $p\bar{p}$ (NSD, NSD+SD) events at sqrt(s) = 200 and 900 GeV (UA5_1986_S1583476)

Spires | Eur. Phys. J. C33, 1, 1986

This study comprises measurements of pseudorapidity distributions measured with the UA5 detector at 200 and 900 GeV center of momentum energy. There are distributions for non-single diffractive (NSD) events and also for the combination of single- and double-diffractive events. The NSD distributions are further studied for certain ranges of the events charged multiplicity.

UA5 multiplicity and pseudorapidity distributions for $pp$ and $p\bar{p}$. (UA5_1982_S875503)

Spires | Phys.Lett.112B:183,1982

Comparisons of multiplicity and pseudorapidity distributions for $pp$ and $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 53 GeV, based on the UA5 53~GeV runs in 1982. Data confirms the lack of significant difference between the two beams.

UA1 multiplicities, transverse momenta and transverse energy distributions. (UA1_1990_S2044935)

Spires | Nucl.Phys.B353:261,1990

Particle multiplicities, transverse momenta and transverse energy distributions at the UA1 experiment, at energies of 200, 500 and 900 GeV (with one plot at 63 GeV for comparison).

Charged multiplicity distribution in pp interactions at CERN ISR energies (SFM_1984_S1178091)

Spires | Phys.Rev.D30:528,1984

Charged multiplicities are measured at sqrt(s) = 30.4, 44.5, 52.2 and 62.2 GeV using a minimum-bias trigger. The data is sub-divided into inleastic as well as non-single-diffractive events. However, the implementation of the diffractive events will require some work.

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