Manual installation of the Herwig program

The Herwig tarball can be download and extracted using

tar xjf Herwig-7.1.0.tar.bz2

Alternatively advanced users may wish to checkout the code from the Mercurial repository

As before we assume everything is being installed in INSTALL_LOC, with the exception of MadGraph and OpenLoops which are more complicated due to their build procedure. As EvtGen does not include the paths to its dependencies in the shared libraries it may be necessary to add their location to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The code can then be configured using

cd Herwig-7.1.0
./configure --prefix=$INSTALL_LOC --with-thepeg=$INSTALL_LOC \
            --with-fastjet=$INSTALL_LOC --with-gsl=$INSTALL_LOC \
            --with-vbfnlo=$INSTALL_LOC   --with-njet=$INSTALL_LOC \
            --with-gosam=$INSTALL_LOC  --with-openloops=/where/openloops/was/installed \
            --with-madgraph=/where/madgraph/was/installed  \
            --with-boost=$INSTALL_LOC \
            --with-evtgen=$INSTALL_LOC --with-pythia=$INSTALL_LOC

or for minimal install without any of the matrix element or decay programs

./configure --prefix=$INSTALL_LOC --with-thepeg=$INSTALL_LOC \
            --with-fastjet=$INSTALL_LOC --with-gsl=$INSTALL_LOC \

It can then be built using

make -j$(nproc)
make check
make install