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Herwig  7.1.5
Interfaces defined for the Herwig::DecayIntegrator class.
Brief class description:
The DecayIntegrator class is a base decayer class including a multi-channel integrator.
See also Herwig::DecayIntegrator

Name: GenerateIntermediates
Type: Switch

Whether or not to include intermediate particles in the output
Registered options:
Don't include the intermediates
include the intermediates
Default value: 0

Name: PhotonGenerator
Type: Reference to objects of class Herwig::DecayRadiationGenerator

Object responsible for generating photons in the decay.

Name: Ntry
Type: Integer parameter

Number of attempts to generate the decay
Default value: 500
Minimum value: 0
Maximum value: 100000

Name: Points
Type: Integer parameter

number of phase space points to generate in the initialisation.
Default value: 10000
Minimum value: 1
Maximum value: 1000000000

Name: Iteration
Type: Integer parameter

Number of iterations for the initialization of the phase space
Default value: 10
Minimum value: 0
Maximum value: 100

Name: Modes
Type: Varying size vector of references to objects of class Herwig::DecayPhaseSpaceMode

The phase space integration modes.

There may be interfaces inherited from the Herwig::HwDecayerBase class.