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Herwig  7.1.5
MG_process Member List

This is the complete list of members for MG_process, including all inherited members.

amp (defined in MG_process)MG_process
calculate_wavefunctions(const int hel[]) (defined in MG_process)MG_processprivate
initProc(string param_card_name) (defined in MG_process)MG_processvirtual
initProc(map< string, double > &MGParams) (defined in MG_process)MG_processvirtual
MG_process() (defined in MG_process)MG_processinline
mME (defined in MG_process)MG_processprivate
namplitudes (defined in MG_process)MG_processstatic
nexternal (defined in MG_process)MG_processstatic
nwavefuncs (defined in MG_process)MG_processprivatestatic
p (defined in MG_process)MG_processprivate
pars (defined in MG_process)MG_processprivate
setMomenta(vector< double * > &momenta) (defined in MG_process)MG_processinline
sigmaKin(vector< std::complex< double > > &amps, const vector< int > &hel) (defined in MG_process)MG_processvirtual
w (defined in MG_process)MG_processprivate