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Herwig::GaussianIntegrator Class Reference

#include <GaussianIntegrator.h>

Inheritance diagram for Herwig::GaussianIntegrator:

Standard constructors and destructors.

std::vector< std::vector< double > > _weights
 The weights for the gaussian quadrature.
std::vector< std::vector< double > > _abscissae
 The abscissae.
double _abserr
 The parameters controlling the error.
double _relerr
double _binwidth
 The minimum width of a bin as a fraction of the integration region.
int _maxint
 Maximum number of bins.
int _maxeval
 Maximum number of function evaluations.
 GaussianIntegrator ()
 Default Constructor.
 GaussianIntegrator (double abserr, double relerr, double binwidth, int maxint, int maxeval)
 Specify all the parameters. More...
template<class T >
BinaryOpTraits< typename T::ValType, typename T::ArgType >::MulT value (const T &, const typename T::ArgType lower, const typename T::ArgType upper) const
 The value of the integral. More...
GaussianIntegratoroperator= (const GaussianIntegrator &)=delete
 The assignment operator is private and must never be called. More...
void Init ()
 Initialise the weights and abscissae.

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef unsigned int CounterType
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CounterType referenceCount () const
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ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)

Detailed Description

Peter Richardson This class is designed to perform the integral of a function using Gaussian quadrature.The method is adaptive based on using 6th,12th, 24th,48th, or 96th order Gaussian quadrature combined with subdivision of the integral if this is insufficient.

The class is templated on a simple class which should provide a T::operator () (double) const which provides the integrand for the function.

Definition at line 33 of file GaussianIntegrator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GaussianIntegrator()

Herwig::GaussianIntegrator::GaussianIntegrator ( double  abserr,
double  relerr,
double  binwidth,
int  maxint,
int  maxeval 

Specify all the parameters.

abserrAbsolute error.
relerrRelative error.
binwidthWidth of the bin as a fraction of the integration region.
maxintMaximum number of intervals
maxevalMaximum number of function evaluations

Definition at line 57 of file GaussianIntegrator.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

GaussianIntegrator& Herwig::GaussianIntegrator::operator= ( const GaussianIntegrator )

The assignment operator is private and must never be called.

In fact, it should not even be implemented.

◆ value()

template<class T >
BinaryOpTraits<typename T::ValType, typename T::ArgType>::MulT Herwig::GaussianIntegrator::value ( const T &  ,
const typename T::ArgType  lower,
const typename T::ArgType  upper 
) const

The value of the integral.

lowerThe lower limit of integration.
upperThe upper limit of integration.

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