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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::ProtoBranching Class Reference

Class to store a prototype branching. More...

#include <ProtoBranching.h>

Inheritance diagram for Herwig::ProtoBranching:

Public Member Functions

 ProtoBranching ()
 Default constructor.
 ProtoBranching (tcPDPtr part, HardBranching::Status status, const Lorentz5Momentum &momentum, tSudakovPtr sudakov)
long id ()
 Id of the brnaching particle.
tcPDPtr particle ()
 The ParticleData.
HardBranching::Status status ()
 Status of the branching.
tProtoBranchingPtr parent ()
 Set the parent.
void parent (tProtoBranchingPtr in)
 Get the parent.
vector< tProtoBranchingPtr > children ()
void addChild (tProtoBranchingPtr in)
 Add a child.
vector< tProtoBranchingPtr > backChildren ()
 Back children.
void addBackChild (tProtoBranchingPtr in)
 Add a child.
const Lorentz5Momentum & momentum ()
tSudakovPtr sudakov ()
 Get the Sudakov.
void sudakov (tSudakovPtr in)
 Set the Sudakov.
ShowerPartnerType type () const
 Type of branching.
void type (ShowerPartnerType in)
 Type of branching.
tColinePtr colourLine () const
 Colour line.
tColinePtr antiColourLine () const
 Anticolour line.
void colourLine (tColinePtr in)
 Colour line.
void antiColourLine (tColinePtr in)
 Anticolour line.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThePEG::Base
void debug () const
virtual void debugme () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThePEG::Pointer::ReferenceCounted
CounterType referenceCount () const

Private Attributes

tcPDPtr part_
 PDG code.
HardBranching::Status status_
Lorentz5Momentum momentum_
tSudakovPtr sudakov_
vector< tProtoBranchingPtr > children_
vector< tProtoBranchingPtr > backChildren_
 back children
tProtoBranchingPtr parent_
ShowerPartnerType type_
 The type of branching.
tColinePtr colourLine_
 Colour lines. More...
tColinePtr antiColourLine_
 Anticolour line.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ThePEG::Pointer::ReferenceCounted
typedef unsigned int CounterType
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ThePEG::Base
static void Init ()
- Public Attributes inherited from ThePEG::Pointer::ReferenceCounted
const unsigned long uniqueId
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ThePEG::Pointer::ReferenceCounted
 ReferenceCounted (const ReferenceCounted &)
ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)
 ReferenceCounted (const ReferenceCounted &)
ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)

Detailed Description

Class to store a prototype branching.

Definition at line 21 of file ProtoBranching.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ colourLine_

tColinePtr Herwig::ProtoBranching::colourLine_

Colour lines.

Colour line

Definition at line 190 of file ProtoBranching.h.

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