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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::PotentialTree Struct Reference

Struct to store a potential CKKWTree. More...

#include <PotentialTree.h>

Public Member Functions

 PotentialTree ()
 PotentialTree (CKKWTreePtr itree, DiagPtr idiag, Ptr< ColourLines >::transient_const_pointer icl)
CKKWTreePtr tree () const
 Get the tree.
void tree (CKKWTreePtr in)
 set the tree
tcDiagPtr diagram ()
 Get the diagram.
void diagram (tcDiagPtr in)
 set the tree
MEBase::DiagramVectordiagrams ()
 All diagrams.
Ptr< ColourLines >::transient_const_pointer colourLines ()
 Colour Structure.
void colourLines (Ptr< ColourLines >::transient_const_pointer in)
 Colour Structure.
void weight (double weight)
 Set the weight.
double weight () const
 Get the weight.

Private Attributes

CKKWTreePtr tree_
 The tree.
MEBase::DiagramVector diagrams_
 All diagrams.
tcDiagPtr diagram_
 The diagram.
Ptr< ColourLines >::transient_const_pointer cl_
 The colour structure.
double wgt_
 The weight.

Detailed Description

Struct to store a potential CKKWTree.

Definition at line 17 of file PotentialTree.h.

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