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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::ShowerParticle::EvolutionScales Struct Reference

Struct to store the evolution scales. More...

#include <ShowerParticle.h>

Public Member Functions

 EvolutionScales ()

Public Attributes

Energy QED
 QED scale.
Energy QCD_c
 QCD colour scale.
Energy QCD_ac
 QCD anticolour scale.
Energy QED_noAO
 QED scale.
Energy QCD_c_noAO
 QCD colour scale.
Energy QCD_ac_noAO
 QCD anticolour scale.
Energy2 Max_Q2
 Maximum allowed virtuality of the particle.

Detailed Description

Struct to store the evolution scales.

Definition at line 100 of file ShowerParticle.h.

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