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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::GeneralStatistics Class Reference

General Monte Carlo statistics. More...

#include <GeneralStatistics.h>

Inheritance diagram for Herwig::GeneralStatistics:

Public Member Functions

virtual double chi2 () const
 Return the last calculated chi^2.
void reset ()
 Reset these statistics.
double lastWeight () const
 Return the last weight encountered.
double maxWeight () const
 Return the maximum absolute weight.
double minWeight () const
 Return the minimum absolute weight.
void maxWeight (double w)
 Set the maximum absolute weight.
void minWeight (double w)
 Set the minimum absolute weight.
double sumWeights () const
 Return the sum of weights.
double sumSquaredWeights () const
 Return the sum of squared weights.
double sumAbsWeights () const
 Return the sum of absolute weights.
unsigned long selectedPoints () const
 Return the number of selected points.
unsigned long acceptedPoints () const
 Return the nnumber of accepted points.
unsigned long nanPoints () const
 Return the number of points where a nan or inf weight has been encountered.
unsigned long allPoints () const
 Return the number of all points.
virtual double averageWeight () const
 Return the average weight.
virtual double averageAbsWeight () const
 Return the average absolute weight.
double weightVariance () const
 Return the variance of weights.
double absWeightVariance () const
 Return the variance of absolute weights.
virtual double averageWeightVariance () const
 Return the variance of the average weight.
virtual double averageAbsWeightVariance () const
 Return the variance of the average absolute weight.
virtual void select (double weight, bool doIntegral=true)
 Select an event.
virtual void accept ()
 Accept an event.
virtual void reject ()
 Reject an event.
void fromXML (const XML::Element &)
 Fill statistics data from an XML element.
XML::Element toXML () const
 Return an XML element for the data of this statistics.
Standard constructors and destructors.
 GeneralStatistics ()
 The default constructor.
virtual ~GeneralStatistics ()
 The destructor.
Functions used by the persistent I/O system.
void put (PersistentOStream &os) const
 Function used to write out object persistently. More...
void get (PersistentIStream &is)
 Function used to read in object persistently. More...

Private Attributes

double theMaxWeight
 The maximum weight encountered.
double theMinWeight
 The minimum weight encountered.
double theSumWeights
 The sum of weights.
double theSumSquaredWeights
 The sum of weights squared.
double theSumAbsWeights
 The sum of absolute values of weights.
unsigned long theSelectedPoints
 The number of selected points.
unsigned long theAcceptedPoints
 The number of accepted points.
unsigned long theNanPoints
 The number of points where an nan or inf weight was encountered.
unsigned long theAllPoints
 The number of all points.
double theLastWeight
 The last weight encountered.

Detailed Description

General Monte Carlo statistics.

Simon Platzer

Definition at line 31 of file GeneralStatistics.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

void Herwig::GeneralStatistics::get ( PersistentIStream is)

Function used to read in object persistently.

isthe persistent input stream read from.
versionthe version number of the object when written.

◆ put()

void Herwig::GeneralStatistics::put ( PersistentOStream os) const

Function used to write out object persistently.

osthe persistent output stream written to.

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