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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::OpenLoopsProcInfo Class Reference

Process information for OpenLoops. More...

#include <OpenLoopsAmplitude.h>

Public Member Functions

 OpenLoopsProcInfo ()
 Default constructor.
 OpenLoopsProcInfo (int HID, int GID, string procstr, string typestr)
 Construct giving data.
int HID () const
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int GID () const
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const string & Pstr () const
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const string & Tstr () const
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void setGID (int g)
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void setOAs (int i)
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int orderAs ()
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void persistentOutput (PersistentOStream &os) const
 Write to persistent stream.
void persistentInput (PersistentIStream &is)
 Read from persistent stream.

Private Attributes

int theHOlpId
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int theGOlpId
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string theProcstr
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string theTypestr
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int orderAlphas
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Detailed Description

Process information for OpenLoops.

Johannes Bellm, Simon Platzer

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