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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::RandomHelpers::Generator< Power > Class Template Reference

Generate x with density |(x-z)|^p. More...

#include <RandomHelpers.h>

Public Member Functions

 Generator (double z, double p, double l, double u)
 Construct from pole, power and boundaries.
double lower () const
 Return the lower bound of the density generated.
double upper () const
 Return the upper bound of the density generated.
double pole () const
 Return the position of the pole.
double power () const
 Return the power.
double scale () const
 Return the scale for random numbers.
double offset () const
 Return the offset for random mnumbers.
double value (double x) const
 Return the density's value.
double normalization () const
 Return the density's normalization.
double operator() (double r) const
 Generate the return value according to the implemented density, given a flat random number on the unit interval.

Private Attributes

double thePole
 The position of the pole.
double thePower
 The power.
double theLower
 The lower bound.
double theUpper
 The upper bound.
double theScale
 Scale for random numbers.
double theOffset
 Offset for random mnumbers.

Detailed Description

class Herwig::RandomHelpers::Generator< Power >

Generate x with density |(x-z)|^p.

Simon Platzer

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