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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::SpinorHelicity::WeylSpinor< Type, Value > Class Template Reference

Base class for Weyl spinors. More...

#include <SpinorHelicity.h>

Public Types

typedef complex< Value > ComplexType
typedef pair< ComplexType, ComplexType > ComponentsType
typedef Type Tag
typedef WeylSpinorTraits< Tag > Traits
typedef Value ValueType

Public Member Functions

 WeylSpinor (const ComponentsType &c=ComponentsType())
 Construct from components.
template<class MValue >
 WeylSpinor (const LorentzVector< MValue > &p)
 Construct from momentum.
const ComponentsType & components () const
 Return the components.
const ComplexType & s1 () const
 Return the first component.
const ComplexType & s2 () const
 Return the second component.

Private Attributes

ComponentsType theComponents
 The components.

Detailed Description

template<class Type, class Value>
class Herwig::SpinorHelicity::WeylSpinor< Type, Value >

Base class for Weyl spinors.

Simon Platzer

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