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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::PhasespaceHelpers::PhasespaceTree Struct Reference

A phase space tree. More...

#include <PhasespaceHelpers.h>

Public Member Functions

 PhasespaceTree ()
 Default constructor.
void setup (const Tree2toNDiagram &, int pos=0)
 Setup from diagram at given position.
void setupMirrored (const Tree2toNDiagram &diag, int pos)
 Setup mirror from diagram at given position.
void init (const vector< Lorentz5Momentum > &)
 Initialize using masses as given by mass() members of the final state momenta.
void generateKinematics (PhasespaceInfo &, vector< Lorentz5Momentum > &)
 Generate kinematics for the children.
void put (PersistentOStream &) const
 Write phase space tree to ostream.
void get (PersistentIStream &)
 Read phase space tree from istream.
void print (int in=0)
 Print tree, only for debugging purposes.

Public Attributes

tcPDPtr data
 The particle running along this line.
pair< Energy, Energy > massRange
 The allowed mass range for this line.
Lorentz5Momentum momentum
 The momentum running along this line.
int externalId
 The external leg id of this line, if external.
vector< PhasespaceTreechildren
 The children lines; if empty this is an external line.
set< int > leafs
 External lines originating from this line.
bool spacelike
 Wether or not this is a spacelike line.
bool doMirror
 Wether or not this is a mirrored channel.

Detailed Description

A phase space tree.

Simon Platzer, Ken Arnold

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