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Herwig  7.1.5
Herwig::Remapper Struct Reference

Remapper adapts indivdual MC dimensions. More...

#include <Remapper.h>


struct  SelectorEntry

Public Member Functions

 Remapper (unsigned int nBins, double nMinSelection, bool nSmooth)
void fill (double x, double w)
void finalize ()
std::pair< double, double > generate (double r) const
void fromXML (const XML::Element &elem)
XML::Element toXML () const
void test (size_t n, std::ostream &)

Public Attributes

std::map< double, double > weights
std::map< double, SelectorEntryselector
double minSelection
bool smooth

Detailed Description

Remapper adapts indivdual MC dimensions.

Simon Platzer

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