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Herwig::SpinorHelicity::SpinorCurrent< Type, Value > Class Template Reference

Weyl spinor current. More...

#include <SpinorHelicity.h>

Inheritance diagram for Herwig::SpinorHelicity::SpinorCurrent< Type, Value >:

Public Types

typedef SpinorMultiplicationTraits< Value >::ComplexVectorResultType ResultType
typedef WeylSpinor< Type, Value > LeftSpinorType
typedef WeylSpinorTraits< Type >::BarSpinorTag RightSpinorTag
typedef WeylSpinor< RightSpinorTag, Value > RightSpinorType

Public Member Functions

 SpinorCurrent (const LeftSpinorType &left, const RightSpinorType &right)
 Construct from two spinors. More...
 operator ResultType () const
 Implicitly convert to complex Lorentz vector.
ResultType eval () const
 Return result.
SpinorCurrentoperator+= (const SpinorCurrent &other)
SpinorCurrentoperator-= (const SpinorCurrent &other)
SpinorCurrentoperator*= (double x)
SpinorCurrentoperator*= (complex< double > x)

Private Member Functions

ResultType evaluate (const WeylSpinor< MinusConjugateSpinorTag, Value > &left, const WeylSpinor< PlusSpinorTag, Value > &right)
 Calculate [p|^|q>
ResultType evaluate (const WeylSpinor< PlusConjugateSpinorTag, Value > &left, const WeylSpinor< MinusSpinorTag, Value > &right)
 Calculate <p|^|q].

Private Attributes

ResultType theResult

Detailed Description

template<class Type, class Value>
class Herwig::SpinorHelicity::SpinorCurrent< Type, Value >

Weyl spinor current.

Simon Platzer

Definition at line 331 of file SpinorHelicity.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SpinorCurrent()

template<class Type , class Value >
Herwig::SpinorHelicity::SpinorCurrent< Type, Value >::SpinorCurrent ( const LeftSpinorType left,
const RightSpinorType right 

Construct from two spinors.

Typedefs break zero products like <p|^|q>

Definition at line 378 of file SpinorHelicity.h.

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